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Advice Section : FUCKED.
Log in, in your user pages and click on the link "account". Then, the new page on which you have an option "password: modify" will open for you. Click on the "modify" and the new page with 3 fields will open. In the field on the top of the page you nee to register actual present password, in the middle field you need to register a new password, and then the new password register again in the last field. Click on "submit" and your new password will be retain.
Log in, in your user pages and click on the link "profile". In personal info part exists button "edit". Click on it and there will open a page with all yours personal information, so as the field with e-mail in which you need to register new e-mail address and that's it.
On home page of our service, you will see an option "register" or "Join now". Click on it and follow the system. Answer to all questions, put in your pictures- and that's it! That is the biggest part of the job for which is necessary to separate your 10 minutes.
Everyone, who register for free, have a right on free membership for a 10 days, another words, have all advantages and benefits. After 10 days, you will also have access to service, but the thing is that you will be deny for some advantages such as chat, blog, Instant Messenger (IM).... For having again all advantages of membership, you will be inform on your e-mail, how can you buy it or prolong it for free.
It's desirable that you express your opinion on all questions. Why? Because only then we can help you to find person who are you looking for, so as he/she to find you. Be free-spoken and open-hearted as much as possible at createing your own profile. During the years of working with people, do you know what have I learn? Those who are sincere and honest, always get it on at the end.
You simply need to give general information such as : your hobby, what do/don't you like, what kind of music do you listen,what do/don't you eat....Most questions are embrace on the way that you already have done questions on which you should answer. All this questions which do you have at registration are here just for one reason - they are here to help you to describe yourself completely, you will not forget anything.Do not put information which are too much personal for you. Do not put your phone number, cell-phone number, house address, a place where are you working, how much money do you earn...When you meet somebody sufficiently, then you can make decision if you want to give your phone number.
You can contact us anytime, 0-24h. We will answer on your e-mail inside 2 days. At the weekend there is nobody in the office, so we will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to talk with us live, through the telephone, contact us with e-mail from pattern and we will send you our phone number. To contact us you just need to click on "contact" in navigation menu.
If you want to change some information, put in a new picture or similar, you must to log in user pages, and then change what you want. After changeing things, click "submit" on the bottom of the page.
Certainly! It's normal if someone wants to report you, see how do you look like first. Put a picture by profile means to increaseyour chances that you are going to find wanted person for 75%. Profiles of members who don't have a picture by profile, almost nobody don't look at. as soon as someone don't have picture of him/herself in profile, it's logical that someone is hideing something - real ages, appearance or who knows what else...To put in your picture in profile, log in, click on the album and put in 3 pictures, not more. If you don't put your picture by your profile, most likely that nobody will never look at your profile.
It's very important that you put a high quality pictures by profile because the right picture increases your chances for quick finding wanted person. You can put 3 pictures and one video and audio note.It's good for you if you combine pictures on which could be seen only your face and the body part to the waist, and on the other pictures could be seen your whole body structure. Keep away from pictures from personal documents, because we are on them usually scared, stiffed, we feel very unpleasant while sombody is takeing picture of us for some document...the best pictures are those when you are relaxed, when you feeling good,when you are in good company...and then someone takes a picture of you. Show yourself in a way that you realy are. maximal size of a picture is 500 kb, and need to be in .jpg or .gif format, but the best way is .jpg format
You can put it, but only if the other people are very ugly and you are very prominent from the others with your beauty, so that is very evident :) I'm just jokeing... Your picture should be that one, on which you are by yourself. People on this pages are not interessted in your friends, pets, cars... They want to see how do you look like.Later, when you meet, you can exchange other pictures on which can be seen your friends or some other situations.
When someone does not want to give a picture means that he/she is lieing, he/she hides something - real ages or appearance or who knows what else...that kind of person you should ignore,reject any further contact. There is many other persons who wants to meet you. Don't waste your time with some worthless person.
Certainly.Whenever you want you can delete your profile. It's enough to log in,and click on the option delete profile.once when you delete it, you can't get it back.Simply,he doesn't exists any more.
There are two ways of searching.
Firt one is the "quick" one, which have a few criterion by which he search wanted person ( and that are: Searching - male or female, for relationship,friendship, marriage...from wanted country,town, from _ to _ age) and that is it! In this way of search exists two more sub option. that are searching for person by nick name, and direct search with options : turn over for me person who are having birthday today,members who are online at the time, those who are having me on the friend list and turn over the new members.
Advanced search contains focus searching, by 20 different criterion at least, and turnes you over exactly those results, those persons who you are really looking for. For that reason it's important that you finish your profile til the end,because of that you will be found easily by wanted person.
when you have created your profile, system will help you to find person that you wish for. It's very important to fill up the questionnaire which will open when you click on the "perfect match" (perfect date). then, the system will turn over all profiles which are response to your searching. Your criterion will be save in your profile, so that you can always try again to search from time to time.
this application serve for quicker comunication with other members this service, who are right now online. When you send message to wanted person, he will receive it right away,and he can answer you back.if the wanted person do not get the message from you, from many reasons , that sended message will be deliver into the post-box of the wanted person on his user home page.
Simply log in on your page and in the user home page click on chat. Access to the chat have only registered holders. The room in which you want to be you can pick from the right side when you are already on the chat.
If you are not interessted in the person who report herself to you, it would be fair to say it that to her - that you are not interested in, or that you have already met somebody,so at the moment you are not interessted in no one...Any way, it would be nice from you if you could send just a short note or a sentence to person in who you are not interessted in.
When you are answering to a profile of some person, it's good to write where have you found him, and why do you think that you and he/she could have something. If that person is satisfied with that what she/he sees, she/he will answer back to you. The first letter is the most important. Be carefull what you are going to write, it must be original, sincere and sympathetic.
Yes, of course! In the past 4 years, we have helped a houndreds of "ordinary people" like you, to be happy.satisfied in relationship,friendship or marriage. In the past 4 years we have existed and worked on the web address, and now you can find us on the new address :
We advice you, that for the first time, you may find with someone in some public place, coffee shop, restaurant... because all this places are full with people, this way it's going to be much easier and safer. for the first time you can take someone with you, just in case, male/female friend, that way is more comfortable and easier for you to relax. If you are going on a first date, make sure that you tell your friends where are you going and with whom you are going to meet, or simply, take them with you. :)
When somebody of a members sends you a message, that message is going into your post-box which is on pages of your profile.If you want to answer back, you can do it right away from that same page on which you are reading received message. All comunication between members stays inside the pages, another words, NOBODY can't see your personal information like e-mail address, phone number, address... personal information can be seen, ONLY and JUST ONLY when you decide and give them to wanted person. Your privacy is 100% protected.
If you have some more questions on which you didn't get the answer, click ion "contact" in navigation menu, enter your question and we will answer on it in shorter possible time-limit.
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